Driving 85 mph on a flat tire for 10 miles must be some kind of record!

According to the Connecticut Post, a woman reported she had been assaulted by Daniel Ballard and had fled to her friend's house on Flanders Road with her children to get away. Coventry police instructed the woman to leave the house and drive to the police station.

Twenty minutes later, the friend watching the children called 911 to report there "Was someone outside shooting up her house and trying to kick in her door." She had taken refuge with the kids inside a bathroom and locked the door. She was almost certain that Daniel Ballard was the shooter. A neighbor reported that at least 20 rounds of ammo had been shot into the Flanders Road home.

Ballard finally jumped into his 2011 Silverado pickup to make his getaway. Police spotted him on Route 32 in Mansfield and the chase began. As the Silverado neared I-84 near exit 70, police laid down 'stop sticks' which blew out a front tire but Ballard just kept on going driving on the flat nearing speeds of up to 90 mph. Don't let this happen to you!

Ballard finally gave up the chase and pulled over near Exit 66 where he was apprehended and taken into custody and now faces a long list of charges. Almost forgot to tell you that this blockhead threw a Glock out the window before he pulled over to surrender.


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