Fairfield, CT has closed open recreational areas yet individuals continue to show up.

According to the Town of Fairfield's website at fairfieldct.org, all open recreational areas were closed on March 27 by Fairfield's Emergency Management Team in cooperation with the Fairfield Police Department due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

These areas include all of Fairfield's parks, beaches, fields, and open spaces. Since March 27, officials have discovered that some individuals appear to be ignoring the new regulations.

In the interest of keeping everyone as safe as possible, the Fairfield Police Department will be patrolling these areas and will begin enforcement action against offenders which may include a $92 ticket for trespassing. The following quote comes directly from the Fairfield Police Department's FB page.

People's lives depend on everyone of us and our committment to following local, state, and federal guidelines that tell us to remain home and restrict contact with only members of our households. If you do need to venture away from your home, please be sure to follow all CDC guidelines.

Photo Taken from Fairfield Police Department's FB page...
Photo Taken from Fairfield Police Department's FB page...

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