If you haven't noticed yet, the action has picked up at bottle and redemption centers around Connecticut since January 1, 2024. Why? The deposit charge went from five cents up to ten cents, and there were a whole lot of consumers hoarding in anticipation of that extra payday. If you're in Torrington, and you're tired of waiting behind someone with 14 garbage bags full of empties, the newest bottle redemption center in all of Connecticut has set it's opening date.

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Bottle Collect - Torrington Redemption Center is located at 35 Baeder Street in town,  most recently the property was owned by AW Automotive. Well, the motor oil, grease, and spare parts have been hauled away, and Bottle Collect - Torrington has announced that their brand new Center will officially open it's doors to the public for the first time this Saturday, March 2, 2024.

What's different about going to a dedicated redemption center to return your bottles and cans? For one, if you pre-wash and pre-count your returns and bag them separately, they will be accepted without having to count them, a high-speed machine will do the work for you. There are a few guidelines, according to Bottle Collect, all returnables should be separated by materials and sizes. Glass bottles will only be accepted in their original carton, and loose will not be accepted. The great news is Bottle Collect will accept ALL CT deposit containers. That's a problem solved that I've run into numerous times at grocery store machines who don't carry the brand I've tried to return. Anything without a CT deposit will be donated, or returned to the customer.

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