It seems like every day the information we're getting on COVID-19 changes. So we turned to Dr. Rajeev Fernando to try and clear up the confusion.

One day the WHO tells us something about the virus, the next day they change their tune. The same is can be said for the CDC, so what are we suppose to believe?

I asked Dr. Rajeev Fernando for his take on why the World Health Organization (WHO) said one day that asymptomatic transmissions of the virus are rare, and then the next day they said that 40% of transmissions are from people who are asymptomatic.

I'm really upset about the way the WHO put out their statement. These kind of situations, this false information, especially from an organization that supervises medical conditions or infections all over the world, to put out a blanket recommendation like that is very, very troubling. Especially when we're in a situation right now where we're having more and more infections throughout the country. To give this type of false information when people are just looking to get back to some sort of normalcy is disturbing to say the least.

The best thing I can say is follow the recommendations that we talk about each week. I think by now, people should have that concept. The nice weather is here and it's important to get out, but practice social distancing and remember to wear your mask.

Carol in Danbury asks, "Since summer is coming, if my husband and I want to take a little vacation, do you think it's safe to stay at hotels or motels?"

I think the reputation of the hotels are very important, so you should be checking online reviews. It's really hygiene, which is the most important thing, and you can call the hotel or motel and ask them what their cleaning practices are, how are they keeping COVID infections away, ask them, in detail, how they are protecting their guests, and what they are doing to keep people safe.

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