Today, Monday (3/15/21) is a holiday, you probably didn't know was a holiday. By not knowing that today is a holiday, you are feeding this holiday what it craves, you were wrong. Happy "Everything You Think is Wrong' Day."

No one seems to be able to find the creator or pinpoint the origin of this momentous day but it is real, nonetheless.

Today we recognize that nothing you think is right, everything you do today will be wrong and things will go poorly. You are lucky you only have to deal with this once a year. I live this 365 days a year.

There is a silver lining, tomorrow is "Everything You Do is Right Day" and you'll be able to correct all of today's mistakes.

So, it's a Monday, that's bad enough and it's a holiday that celebrates Murphy's Law, mix them together and what could go wrong? As an expert on the subject, I'll tell you what to look out for on a bad day that just keeps giving it to you.

You might:

  • Wakeup late (you set the alarm wrong)
  • Stub your toe
  • Get stuck in traffic
  • Find yourself in line at a gas station behind a customer purchasing Lotto tickets
  • Lose your work key, I.D. badge or key fob
  • Get caught mocking a co-worker, after you think you shut off your mic in a Zoom conference
  • Order your favorite lunch, only to learn that they "ran out"
  • Be asked to work on the weekend by the big boss
  • Get a flat tire
  • Scream the wrong name in the "bedroom"

I've been told I need to be more positive and to put good energy and "yes" thinking into the universe and that is what will come back to me. It sounds great on paper but I'm a realist and live in a country that has an "Everything You Think is Wrong Day."

You can't walk around smiling like a nut job in the eye of a storm. If It's raining, I'm going to complain about getting wet.

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