I found an activity that I like MORE than drinking and that is watching my wife drink a Margarita the size of a f------ aircraft carrier until she makes this face.

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No one deserves a few pops or a bath tubs worth of alcohol more than this lady, let me tell you what right now. It was an odd experience sitting back and watching her get loose. I guess I never noticed how "funny" she gets when she has a few because I usually get a little "funny" myself.

In all fairness she did not get loaded, she rarely ever does tie one on. She did that twice and I will never forget either one. The first time was at my birthday a few years back and she looked a little something like this.

Lou's phone

No one is that excited to get a kiss from me unless they have drowned their brain and liver in booze. The other time she got a "little much" was on a flight to Key West. Sadly, I do not have a photo or video of it.

Long story short, she smuggled about 20 vodka nips on the airplane, I fell asleep and woke up to a maniac cackling and staring at the back of her seat. There were empty baby WODKA bottles all around our feet and a grown woman shouting the word "FUN" in my face.

Good times. Happy birthday Mrs.Milano