When the story of the Galante family and the Danbury Trashers was told on the Netflix series "Untold", the Danbury Trashers logo became the hottest piece of pop-art in the country.

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In the days after the documentary dropping, I remember AJ Galante telling me how crazy the demand became for jerseys, from hungry fans wondering where they could get them. Then, it happened: Hip-Hop superstar Drake rocked an official "Galante" Danbury Trashers jersey on Instagram and everyone went bananas. The merchandise was white-hot, and orders could not be filled fast enough.

The Danbury Trashers official merch store began to catchup with the fan demand and people were getting their gear and showing it off. Now, we've entered another phase of the game, the secondary and tertiary markets are in on the game and prices are goofy.

Recently, I saw a TikTok about a Danbury Trashers jersey where the owner said it's worth $2,000. The following video was posted by @briscoehockeytraining in October of 2021.

@briscoehockeytraining 12 years ago I bought it for $5 at goodwill now theyre going for over $2,000 #fyp #hockey #hockeytiktoks #hockeytiktok #trashers #danbury ♬ God's Plan - Drake

Look, I don't know. I don't deal in the world of sports merchandise for a reason. How the hell can I know what is real and what isn't? Just a quick Google search will show you that Trashers merch prices are anywhere from like $40 to thousands of dollars and I don't know where to start?

Because I'm friendly with the Galante family, I know for a fact that Trashers merchandise was being knocked-off and being sold online hours after the documentary film came out. Be careful what you purchase by shopping on the official Trashers merch website, only.

I have some original-original giveaways at my office from the days where the Trashers were kings of Danbury. I also have a "Scrappy 2.0" redesign hoodie because I AM AWESOME.

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