Hundreds upon hundreds of Trasher fans have been patiently waiting for their chance to own an authentic Danbury Trashers jersey. Finally, that wish came true on Wednesday, March 9.

The announcement came from the Danbury Trashers official fansite at, stating:

Hey Trasher's fans it's official! Back by popular demand thanks to all of you, Danbury Trashers gear and other merchandise is back! T-Shirts and sweatshirts are available now, and we will continue adding more items throughout the year.

Authentic Trasher blank game jerseys go for $179.99, and Danbury Trashers Galante 17 full tackle jerseys cost $199.99. Less expensive items like Trasher can coolers, puck cups, socks, and 'Bad Boys' black logo tees are also available.

Why would a United Hockey League team that only lasted two seasons become so popular? There were three reasons why the fans adored the Trashers.

Reason 1 -The Trashers owner was garbage magnate Jimmy Galante. Reason 2 -  His son, A.J Galante, at the age of 17, became the president and general manager of the team. Reason 3 - the crowds of hockey fans loved what the Danbury Trashers stood for, the "Bad Boys" of hockey, meaning they loved to instigate fights while playing and there were many; some were dangerously violent.

Lou Milano & A.J Galante
Lou Milano & A.J Galante

In June of 2006, Jimmy Galante was sentenced to 87 months in prison after being charged with 72 various charges, including racketeering and wire fraud, which put an end to the Danbury Trashers.

Fast forward 15 years to 2021 when producers at the streaming giant Netflix began to reach out to A.J. Galante about the possibilities of filming a documentary about the Danbury Trashers, which became a reality.

At the end of August 2021, Netflix launched "Untold: Crime and Penalties," which told the story of how Jimmy Galante, a "real-life Tony Soprano" as he's described in the film, put up $500,000 to purchase an expansion hockey team for his 17-year-old son A.J. who became president and general manager. Whether you're a hockey fan or not, the story behind the making of the Danbury Trashers is riveting and authentic. Check out the trailer.

The Netflix documentary revived Danbury Trashers fever where old and new fans have been waiting for their chance to purchase Trashers merchandise which is now available on the Verbero website or the Danbury Trashers fansite.

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