Once upon a time back in 1928, hundreds of thousands of gallons of water began flooding the Rocky River Valley but did everyone make it out?

In July of 1926 plans were finalized by the Board of Directors of Connecticut Light & Power to clear out the Rocky River Valley to form a man-made lake to produce electricity. 4,500 acres had to be cleared and six cemeteries worth of corpses had to be relocated.

In February of 1928, with the valley all cleared out, water began gushing in from the Housatonic River and Candlewood Lake began to form. But did all the residents that lived in the valley make it out? Maybe not says short story writer Kristi Petersen Schoonover from her blog titled, "Legends of Candlewood Lake."

Storm a Brewing on Candlewood Lake - Photo by Ethan

Could it be possible that property owners in the Rocky River Valley refused to leave their homes knowing full well that they would drown in up to 80 feet of water? Legend tells us that those who decided to die a gruesome regretful death have reached up towards the light in a freezing cold Candlewood Lake and grabbed the ankles of innocent swimmers dragging them to a watery grave or perhaps it was just the Eurasian Milfoil.

All the bodies in six cemeteries had to be dug up before the valley was flooded. Do you really believe that every corpse was reburied somewhere else before the flood? It's not likely. As legend has it, every year in February, which was the month they began filling the lake in 1928, the abandoned spirits left behind are said to prowl the ice while crying out for anyone to dig them up so they so won't be forgotten forever.


If you've ever ventured out onto the ice around sunset in February, the lake becomes disturbingly quiet. So quiet in fact that every once-in-a-while you just might hear a disconcerting howl or whining sound. Take my advice and get back to your car before darkness falls. Have a Happy Halloween!

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