To show your appreciation for all City of Danbury healthcare workers, our teachers, and all of our essential workers, Danbury City Hall and the Mayors Office wants you to make some noise this Saturday night.

In an effort to show all those working so hard on the front lines, the city of Danbury invites everyone to show some solidarity this Saturday night and head outside in their yards or in front of their homes and clap, cheer, and ring bells as a way of saying thank you to City of Danbury healthcare workers, our teachers, and all of our essential workers.

If everyone does this together as a community, it will show our appreciation and support for all those who are helping so many get through this COVID-19 pandemic.

Here's the Mayor's post from his Facebook page:

So set a reminder for Saturday night between 7 PM and 7:05 PM, as the City comes together as one. I know we all have someone that we would like to thank.

Don't forget to tell your friends and neighbors, and ask your church if they can join the celebration and ring those church bells too. Together, everyone can do their part to "Make Some Noise".

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