According to UPI Texas realtor Kristin Gyldenege hired two fitness models to pose partially naked in photos advertising her listings.

Well as you may imagine people lost their frickin' minds and the photos had to be pulled down from the real estate website. I mean if you watched the video above you saw two really attractive people being all hot and stuff and now I wanna buy all those houses.

The brilliance of the idea comes from it's simplicity. Sex sells, this is not a new concept but it is insanely effective and has been for like a million years. She gave something for the ladies to look at and something for the men. Everyone should have been happy and homes should have been sold left and right.

Instead people who don't know how to have fun had to swoop in and ruin it for everyone. The pictures were mild at best, what's the big deal? What she was showing isn't anything you can't see on any magazine stand anywhere in the country. People need to lighten up or I'm building a rocket and leaving planet Earth.

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