I love the Yankees, I hate the Sox. If you are a fan of one of the teams you hate the other. That is how this works. As a fan, I appreciate when my feelings are reflected by the players on the field. I don't like when rivals are nice to one another. I don't like when they are buddies.

The rivalry has had it's up's and down's over the years. The "Up's" in my opinion are when the two teams hate the very sight of each other. In the 70's they could not stand one another. In my lifetime, it was those late 90's to mid 2000 teams that were disgusted by one another.

Both New York and Boston are stocked up again, they are both locked and loaded. It's time for them to strongly dislike one another. I think the fans are ready for it to get chippy, I know I am. When I see Andrew Benintendi or Hanley Ramirez I get mad. This is what I want Gary Sanchez to feel when he sees them.

I know the Sox fans can surely find something that makes them aggravated when they see tonight's Yankee lineup. I actually laughed aloud while writing that because if I were not a Yankee fan I would be swimming in a river of hate for this team.

LET'S GET GOING! I want fights, chin music and dudes straight up screaming at one another. No one likes see their favorite player chatting up with his heated rival on 1st base. We all hate that, stop it.

The re-ignition of the rivalry is tonight at 7:10 on ESPN. New York invades Boston, Severino v. Sale. Let us do this! Some might call it "the remix to ignition, hot and fresh out da kitchen."

P.S. I realize that I write almost the very same article every year before the first game between the Yanks and Sox. I am really hoping the distaste comes back. 


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