I went underground last week after hearing about a secret tunnel in Brookfield.

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I took a ton of photos and published all the photos in an article titled "A Curious Excursion in an Underground Brookfield Tunnel" Monday morning (3/21/22). Soon after, I got  a text on the mobile app from Jenny Sayqua that read:

"Lou, this is eerie...I see a skull in one of your tunnel pics."

Along with the message she sent a split screen photo. The one on the bottom is the one I published, and the one on the top is the one she accentuated.

Jenny Sayqua
Jenny Sayqua

Jenny was not the only one who noticed this. Throughout the day, I received a steady stream of texts and DM's pointing this out. I would not have noticed this by myself so I appreciate everyone who tipped me off. This was not the only skull Jenny saw, take a look at this one.

Lou Milano/Jenny S.
Lou Milano/Jenny S.

I kind of figured something like this would happen. I was experiencing a lot of excitement and adrenaline in the tunnel and I was glossing over details. Sometimes photos tell a deeper story that you can see with your eyes.

The opposite also applies, photos cannot do justice to what it's like to be down in these tunnels. The story my photographs did not tell was how many spiders we encountered. There was a stretch of the tunnel where spiders became unavoidable.

In an effort to keep them out of my shirt and hair, I was hauling ass and not concerning myself with taking pictures. I needed to make sure I made it to the end of the tunnel, and back rather than spend undue time with the spiders who seemed really pissed that I was on their turf.

Did you see anything in my tunnel photos that I had not noticed? If so, shoot me a text message on the mobile app.

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