March of 2018, this young Yankee team will be down in Tampa, FL and start throwing the baseball around. They will do that with a heavier media presence than normal and a butt load of expectations. The Yankees next year will surprise no one, the underdog, young "rebuilding" team will be gone. The weight of the N.Y. and national media will be on them. More importantly, the expectations of this fan base will loom large.

Ask the N.Y. Mets what it's like to go into camp with the whole word saying you will win it all. That does not play out well. Hell, forget the expectations, the team will be very different next year. The Bombers will no doubt move a 1 or 2 of young guys to get a top line starter. No guarantees on the older guys being there either.

The fun this team has is great, their chemistry is amazing. Their ignorance for this process is refreshing and likely keeping them in games they have no business competing in. Have fun, be youthful and play loose but act like a grizzled veteran.

The Yankees best chance for a World Series Championship is now, right now because they are 4 wins away from getting to play for it. Don't assume you will be there next year. There is no "we'll get em next time." Get em now.

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