I don't root for my team to play the team I know they can beat, I root for the Yankees to meet and beat the best. This is the exact match-up I wanted, a revenge shot at the team that took the Yankees down in the 2017 ALCS. That series loss was one of the more bitter I've ever experienced. The other ones at the top of the list are all series against the Red Sox.

To me, the Houston Astros are Red Sox West. They are constructed an awful lot like past Red Sox teams that went all the way. They have another thing in common with past Red Sox teams, they are arrogant and I hate their faces.

I want sweet revenge for 2017 and I just hope the Yankee players want it as bad as I do. If they do, they will win this series. This Yankee team is better than the 2017 team, they have much more experience and the Astros pitching match-ups are not lined up the way they would have wanted.

Coming off a brutal series with the Rays, the Astros are not going to be able to throw Verlander or Cole in Game 1. It's going to have to be Zack Greinke and that means later in the series Greinke will have to pitch in the Bronx, a place he's avoided like the plague his entire career.

We knew this series was coming back in April and here we are, I'm ready already, LET'S GO!

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