Jimi Bell is one of Rock n' Roll's best hired guns, he's a world-renowned guitarist and member of Autograph, Beyond Purple and the House of Lords. He also happens to be from the great State of Connecticut. Jimi dropped by the I-95 studio on Monday, May 13th, 2024 and sat in for most of the I-95 Morning Show that day.

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The purpose of Jimi's visit was to get the audience acquainted with his amazing Rock n' Roll story before he, and his gang of rock pirates take over Danbury, CT.  Jimi and Beyond Purple are on the bill for Ultimate Rock Tribute Experience coming to Danbury, CT on June 15, 2024 at the Danbury Ice Arena.

Here is everything you need to know about the show, followed by our in-depth look into the musical journey of Jimi Bell.

Everything You Need to Know 

Ultimate Rock Tribute Experience is a JAG Entertainment Production 

Segment 1 - The Ultimate Rock Tribute Experience

We learned what the City of Danbury is in for on June, 15th, 2024 when Jimi Bell takes the stage with Beyond Purple. Jimi shared his admiration and respect for the other bands on the bill, Back in Black and Physical Graffiti. Jimi shared that this will not be the last concert he'll be a part of in Danbury, CT.

Segment 2 - The gift giving Jimmy's 

Jimi Bell, Jimmy Galante and Tina Galante came to the studio with gifts. Ethan, Dave and I got beautiful electric guitars signed by all the band members of Beyond Purple, Back in Black and Physical Graffiti. We learned that the gifts are not limited to I-95 staff members because two guitars will be given away to ticket holders at the June 15th concert. Jimi Bell shared some stories about touring around Europe with House of Lords. Bell discussed the Nirvana effect on the hair band scene in the early 90's.

Tina Galante
Tina Galante

Segment 3 - Jimi Auditions for Ozzy 

Jimi Bell told us an amazing story about how he auditioned to become Ozzy Osborne's guitarist. He took us from the phone call from Sharon to Ozzy's displeasure with another guitarist that was trying too hard to be Ingvar Malmsteen.

Segment 4 - Turn Up the Radio

Jimi explains how he ended up in the band Autograph and where that band stands today.

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June 15th is your chance to see Jimi up close and personal as he takes the stage with Beyond Purple at the Danbury Ice Arena. The Ultimate Rock Tribute Experience is coming so get your tickets now!


We've had the great pleasure of meeting a lot of famous musicians over the years and without blinking I can tell you that Jimi is one of the kindest we have ever had in our building. I'm really looking forward to this concert which is a good thing because I will be there, introducing the bands.

Tina Galante
Tina Galante
JAG Entertainment will be giving away Electric Guitars autographed by all 3 Bands
to two lucky fans!
Must be present  to Win!!
Ticket pricing starts at $25.00 

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