The Washingtonian has laid out their rules for a drinking game centered around tonight's Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden and if you are a light drinker, you may want to sit this one out. You can see the full game parameters on their site, but just look at the sips you will take for remarks from Trump and Biden.

Sip when Trump says:

  • Says “yuge”
  • Says “Jina” (China)
  • Talks about his admiration for any totalitarian world leader
  • Makes any false claims related to coronavirus and our pandemic response
  • Complains about mysterious voter fraud
  • Accuses Biden of wanting to defund the police

Sip when Biden says:

  • Uses a malapropism
  • Says “folks”
  • References the middle class
  • Starts a sentence with “look”
  • Tells a story about some “average Joe” worker he met on the campaign trail that could easily be fabricated
  • Claims he’s going to end systemic racism and fails to explain how

And there is so much more which means if you play the game to the letter of the law, you will be "housed" like it's 1999. Or you might get "faced" like it's 2018, like I did while playing the State of the Union drinking game.

Let this be your official warning as to how your evening might play out. My wife karate chopped me in the neck and I do not remember it because I had consumed more adult beverages than anyone should.

You have been warned, call in sick now, break out the Pedialyte, lay out the Tylenol and board up the windows, it's about to be a clown show and you are the main attraction.

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