This week, the 2018 World Series gets underway, and the Boston Red Sox will be playing the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Red Sox and Dodgers don't really have much to talk about when it comes to being baseball rivals. Actually, aside from a few inter-league games over the years, there's not much history at all between the two teams, but did you know this is not the first time the Red Sox and Dodgers have met in the World Series?

The year was 1916, (102 years ago) and the Brooklyn Robins (who would, years later, become the Dodgers) took on the Boston Red Sox in the fall classic. What's interesting is that the Red Sox and Dodgers are two of Major League Baseball's oldest teams, but have only met once in the World Series.

The last time the two clubs met, a young 21-year-old pitcher had everyone in Boston talking. According to, He won 23 games on the hill that season, including 9 shutouts. His name was Babe Ruth. The Dodgers also had a young phenom of their own at the time, an outfielder named Casey Stengel. Both Ruth and Stengel went on to standout careers as members of the New York Yankees, but in 1916, they battled each other.

Also in 1916, Fenway Park was just five years old, and one of the newest ballparks in the league, however the Red Sox didn't play any World Series games there that year. They played the games at the Boston Braves ball park simply because it had more seating. (The Boston Braves would later move to Milwaukee, then finally to Atlanta).

So even though the two teams now share different coast lines, they will meet for two games in Boston, then head out west for games three, four, and five if necessary. If there is a sixth or seventh game, it will be played back in bean town.

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