According to CBS Sports, the New England Patriots will be wearing their white uniforms to face the Atlanta Falcons at Super Bowl 51. Why does this matter? It matters because 11 of the last 12 Super Bowl's have been won by the team in white.

Why does it not matter? Because no team in the history of sports has won a game based on the color of the uniform they were wearing the day they played the game. That's just a fact. I believe that mental advantages exist but when all is said and done they don't make up even a minority stake in why a team wins. Furthermore, the jersey is not a mental advantage. This is a statistic that while true, was manufactured by a sports media with too much time before the Super Bowl.

On paper, this should be one of the all time great Super Bowl's, that is if you have been paying attention this year. The New England Patriots of course have the greatest coach and QB in the history of the game, they have a mental advantage and who could forget, they will be wearing white.

On the other sideline is the most underrated team in the NFL this season and the MVP of the league in Matt Ryan. The Patriots despite all their obvious achievements, played one of the weakest NFL regular and postseason schedules in recent memory. Then there are the Falcons who made the mighty Packers look like a high school team.

This game will be won by the QB's, the coaches and the ability to adjust to defensive schemes. This game will not be won by the color of your jersey. Final score: Atlanta: 38, New England: 35.

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