We will all have to wait until June 2020 to see Top Gun 2 but it looks like it's going to be worth it. Maverick is back, saying bad ass things and doing bad ass things. The second trailer for the sequel dropped today.

  • "I'm buzzing the tower."
  • "I have the need for speed."
  • "I'll hit the brakes and he'll fly right by."
  • "That's right Iceman, I am dangerous."
  • "We were inverted."

This is how I'll spend my day, cranking out one quote after another from one of the great movies of all time. It's easily one of the most quotable films of ever made but if we are being fair, it's also one of the douchiest movies of all time. If you think about it, you have a guy who refuses to cooperate with him teammates, is constantly bragging, constantly tooting his own horn and passes his free time by playing shirtless volleyball with other dudes.

This is the movie I would try to make if it didn't already exist and it would never get made. I can just imagine the meeting with the head of a movie studio now. "Let me get this straight, you want to make a movie where you are awesome, everyone else sucks, you get the girl, fly jets, ride your motorcycle and none of the characters have any depth? Is that the movie you want to make?

Your damn right it is.

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