According to CBS New York the new movement in education is away from
"best friends" for the purposes of inclusion. I'm so sick of the "ideas of the day" I am not going to describe to you what the rationale is. You can read their article if you care. I have about had it.

I am all for inclusion but not at the long term cost of our kids having the tools to navigate the real world. Continually pushing the idea that everyone is included, everything is fair and everyone's feelings will be protected is a disservice to our kids. All it will do is put them into very bad situations as adults that they are not equipped to handle because they have never encountered them before.

A best friend is a nice thing, it's a good thing to have. People gravitate to certain other people and that is the way the world is. No one breaks up cliques in the workplace unless they are damaging productivity. Even in those cases they don't "mix it up" by forcing you to try spending time with another group. If these kinds of ideas are going to continue to be considered good ones, I'll take the check please.

P.S. Encouraging kids to broaden their social circles IS GOOD. Forcing it is not good. It's bad.

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