Torrington, Connecticut is my hometown, and one of the things that drew us in was the city's commitment to the arts.

Torrington is filled with decaying buildings, just like my former hometown Waterbury, but the difference is Torrington has allowed local artists to construct beautiful 30-40 foot murals all through downtown. What does Torrington lack that Waterbury doesn't? Graffiti artists.

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If you walk through Hartford, Danbury, Waterbury, New Haven, Bridgeport, and Stamford, you will see street graffiti on almost every flat surface. Torrington? I dare you to find a wall with more than one tag on it. I walked down Main Street on Friday, and I was stunned at the lack of street graffiti in downtown.

There's an electrical junction box right between the Warner Theater and Salt 2.0, and I was shocked at how immaculate this thing was. Three stickers, and two tags? In front of the Warner? How did every opening band that's ever stepped onto that stage miss this golden opportunity to leave an imprint?

The Murals Are Gorgeous in Torrington, But the Graffiti is Boring

There's a municipal devotion to the arts in Torrington, Connecticut, and it's one of the things that drew my wife and I away from Waterbury, but damn Torrington graffiti artists, you are boring.

Gallery Credit: Large Dave

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