We posted this question on the i95 FB page, "What is the most frustrating thing about 'Back-to-School?'"

When my three kids were in school between 1984 through 2006, my common frustration was trying to help them with their homework as they reached middle and high school age and not knowing how. Another frustration was not understanding why there were no high school courses offered that taught the basic living skills that young adults needed to know like finance, savings, understanding what credit was and how to obtain it.

You jumped all over our question with some great replies and conversation. Here are some of the highlights.

Sandy wrote:

Jacque relied to Sandy:

Marissa checked in and said:

Mike told us:

Aaron chimed in by saying:

Liam told us he was incredibly frustrated with the Common Core Program:

Pamela wrote in and said:

Nick commented about his frustrations with public schools in general, saying:

So, as you can see, we've got quite the mixed bag of responses to the common frustrations of the back-to-school season here in our local area. Do you have any to add to the list? Let's hear it.

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