I love it when creative local business owners come up with something beyond to try to lure customers in. When it comes to restaurant interiors, there's only so much you can do, right? Tables, chairs, and nice paint? Good enough, but not in Southington.

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One restaurant in Connecticut has grabbed my attention over the past two years with their incredibly decorated theme rooms. They were not content to just let their food do the talking, they invested thousands of dollars into creating a magical environment that made you forget about the food, and replace it with wonder. It's Cava Restaurant, they're located at 1615 West Street in Southington, right down the road from the ESPN world headquarters in Bristol.

If you've a fan of the Harry Potter universe, you may have heard about Cava's "Wizard Dining Room". Here's a couple of photos of the room that our own Melissa Martino took while enjoying a recent meal.

Photo by Melissa Martino
Photo by Melissa Martino

You can see just a couple of the 700 floating candles that were strung across the dining room, Cava's decorative efforts transformed a simple dining room into a space that gave you chills.

Photo by Melissa Martino
Photo by Melissa Martino

Well wizarding world fans it's time to shuffle back into the shadows, as JK Rowling has done recently, and make way for the Disney fans. Cava has announced on their social media that they are opening up a new theme room just in time for the Season of the Witch, Halloween -- it's going to be based on Maleficent.

According to Cava, the Maleficent-inspired "experience" is coming early Fall. the moors should be quite a sight to behold. Great job Cava, your creativity is inspiring.

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