Tom Brady is not someone I would say has a good "poker face," this is very much a dude who wears his emotions on his sleeve and his head. These are the faces of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

I was going to add a section to this article where I examine the many faces of the New England Patriots fan. There's one big problem with that, there are none left, the "die-hard's" have gone into hiding and the many, many front-runners that called the Patriots their favorite team for so many years have already jumped ship and found a new team in Tampa Bay.

When football finally comes back it will be both relieving and a circus. The insane shifts in personnel from team to team in the off-season will have the NFL looking unrecognizable. That's a good thing, we were all due for a shakeup. If Tom Brady goes to Tampa Bay and manages to win a Super Bowl we may get to see all these faces in a three day stretch.

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