This Friday night, February 17, The Machine takes the Ridgefield Playhouse stage to play the hits and the obscure tunes of Pink Floyd.

Last week, Lou and I invited the lead guitarist and vocalist from The Machine, Joe Pascarell, to join us to talk about why this band has been honoring Pink Floyd's music for the past 28 years.

To be perfectly honest, I've never been a big fan of Pink Floyd's music UNTIL I was given the opportunity to join The Machine onstage two years ago to play acoustic guitar on the song, 'Comfortably Numb.' Because 'Numb' was the last song of the evening, I had the pleasure of experiencing The Machine's entire live show. Actually witnessing the musicianship along with the perfect lead and harmony vocals of Pink Floyd's compositions played perfectly by The Machine, helped me realize that Pink Floyd's music was actually mind-boggling. Thanks to everyone in the band, I've been given the chance to play guitar on 'Numb' once again at their upcoming Ridgefield Playhouse show.

Whether you're a diehard Floyd fan or just a passive fan like myself, do yourself a favor and join me this Friday evening at 8pm to experience The Machine when they play the hits and the off-cuts from Pink Floyd, and don't forget the extraordinary light show! Get your tickets now before they sell out at or call 203-438-5795.


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