If you could make the decision, where would you place the Uncle Sam Statue when it returns to Danbury?

According to an article in the NewsTimes, Mayor Mark Boughton has announced that it's official. The 38 feet tall Uncle Sam statue that used to tower over the Great Danbury Fair until it closed down in 1981 is returning to Danbury from the Magic Forest Amusement Park in Lake George, New York. This is what Magic Forest owner Jack Gillette had to say to the News Times:

Danbury - that fair in 1981 and '82 - the things I bought took my amusement park to another level and allowed me to go even beyond that in two or three years. It really made my park. I thought it was only fitting for it to go back.

The cost of bringing 'Uncle Sam" back to Danbury has a hefty price tag. The statue, his fencing and the humongous steel pole that holds him upright, along with the Cinderella exhibit, rings in at $50,000.

Several Danbury businesses have pledged their financial support for the cause. If you'd personally like to help out, there's a Go Fund Me page where you can lend your financial support. Just click the link: gofundme.com, and pledge your preferred amount.

Here's Mayor Mark discussing the campaign to return the statue to the Hat City:

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