Lou's phone

There's a lot of time to fill and these free games are helping me fill it. Apparently my real world interests and my gaming interests are not at all one and the same because I've been spending my digital time racing, golfing and shooting at people. Here are four free games I highly recommend for some solid time wasting.

NASCAR Heat Mobile

NASCAR Heat Mobile App - Lou's phone

This game is free, amazing, fun and the graphics are pretty sweet for a game you play on your phone. I will say that when you first get started it's a bit frustrating because you get your teeth kicked in until you earn enough points to buy parts and cars that can help you compete. I'd also like a setting where I can run longer races but all in all, this is a great way to waste time. My drivers name is Heath Booncock, I though that sounded like the name of a real NASCAR driver.

Sniper 3D

Sniper 3D App - Lou's phone

I'm not a big shooter video game guy, but this one manages to keep my attention. Just like the NASCAR game this one takes some patience as you have a tough time competing in the player versus player realm when you don't have money built up and buy decent guns. I also take issue with some of the missions from an ethical standpoint. I feel like they are asking me to kill people in certain missions that don't deserve it. It's still fun to play, but you can get caught up chasing the hottest new gun, doing certain exercises that can be boring just to earn enough points to get your new sniper rifle or assault gun. Those are the only two guns you need worry about in this game. For whatever reason you can buy cool handguns and shotguns but there seems to be nowhere to use them.

Mario Kart 

Mario Kart App - Lou's phone

If I need to tell you what Mario Kart is, kindly exit this article now and lose my number. This game is too fun, you need to sign up for a Mobile Nintendo subscription - free and easy to do. The landscapes are boss AF, but sometimes I feel like I am not doing much, your thumb is going back and forth and occasionally tapping to fire a mushroom at an unsuspecting toad. In the grand scheme it will bring you joy for short time periods.

Golf Clash 

Golf Clash App - Lou's phone

Golf Clash is a good time, it's my least favorite of the four games listed. Unlike the other ones this game doesn't seem to get easier as you gain points and better clubs, but harder. That may have more to do with how golf is played and less to do with the game itself. I'm not going to learn how backspin or top spin impact where the ball lands, I just won't. I'll just keep overshooting everything and never laying up, like Tin Cup.

Yep, I just wrote reviews for free games to play on your phone. The world is a weird place.