The Ethan and Lou show has been unsuccessful in the past trying to pair up single people. I want to be as honest as I can and lay the cards on the table. We HAVE done this before, and it's not gone well, but I have identified the problem and I am going to fix it.

We have been lazy in the past and we just picked the first set of people who expressed interest. This is not going to happen this time.

This time, I want to carefully examine the candidates and pair up people that we think stand a chance at actually pursuing a relationship. Then, just for fun, we will add a twist.

My plan is to find four single people who are all delightfully compatible. We send couple A on a date, we send couple B on a date and then, we swap them and send everyone on a second date. This is people helping people.

For the single folks who are truly looking for love, we have hooked them up on not one, but two dates. It's also great for the Ethan and Lou show because we will have follow up segments with all of our daters and an endless stream of possible results. Great radio for sure, and maybe a Love Connection.

If you are single and you are interested in meeting a few new people, going on a few dates and appearing on our show more than once, this is your chance. All you need to do is e-mail me at I need your name, age, a brief bio about who you are and your relationship past, a complete list of contact info and a nice photo of you. Find love, get love, make love with Ethan and Lou.

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