The New England Patriots lost to the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday 23-16 ending New England's 21-game home winning streak. The game has it's controversial calls and big moments but the fact is, the game almost did not happen.

A container filled with helmets and pads for the Kansas City Chiefs was sent to Newark, NJ instead of Foxborough, MA yesterday. The equipment barely made it to New England in time for the game but in the end was there with enough time to avoid a forfeit. With kickoff scheduled for 4:25, the pads got there at 2:39 pm. The Massachusetts State Police assisted in getting the equipment there in time and tweeted this about the incident:

According to FOX News, In the end, the Chiefs took credit for the luggage mix-up but do you really believe that? What if there were a really prominent, powerful person in the NFL who would do anything to win and has been caught cheating many times? Is it so much of a reach to say that person, might be able to pay someone inside the Chiefs organization to make "a mistake?"

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