They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This picture of Hannah Brown alone in the street says it all about this season of the Bachelorette. In the end, Hannah would be alone and as much as I like her, it's her fault. Hannah never had the proper time to find out who the rest of the contestants actually were because she spent most of the season trying to figure out who Luke P. was.

We all knew who Luke P. was, he was liar, loser, angry waste of this young ladies time. It took Hannah too long to figure that out. In comparison, every other guy looked like a catch. So, in the end, when she had two choices between two men who were not Luke, it seemed as if she could not go wrong.

She did go wrong. She ended her relationship with Tyler and accepted Jed's proposal. It turns out Jed is not what he appeared to be. Jed had a girlfriend right before leaving for filming. Jed had a girlfriend he said he loved, traveled with and met her parents. When Hannah confronted him about it, he lied. He lied until he could not lie anymore and a People Magazine article poked holes in his defense.

To Hannah's credit, she ended her relationship with Jed. It was an "okay" season that could have been great if not for the ghost of Luke P. haunting it throughout. Hannah made mistakes, but her mistakes pale in comparison to the mistake made by The Bachelorette producers last night.

After it was made clear that Hannah and Jed's relationship was over, they brought Tyler back out to see Hannah for the first time since she sent him home. This is where the grave mistake was made. Chris Harrison was encouraging both Hannah and Tyler to go on a date. They agreed to go get a drink and everyone went wild with joy. This was stupid. What if they go out and it works out? You then don't have a viable bachelor for the next season. Tyler is The Bachelor, or at least he should be, and anyone who thinks different was not paying attention.

Tyler's reputation stood up to the rigors of reality TV and public life. He's definitely the most handsome dude they have ever had on any of The Bachelor/Bachelorette shows, he said all the right things and is one hell of a dresser. The proof in the reaction of the in studio audience. The women went B-A-N-A-N-A-S when he stepped onto that stage.

If Tyler is not The Bachelor, it's because the show's Producers encouraged a relationship between he and Hannah and it worked out. If he is The Bachelor, they dodged a bullet they fired from their own gun. They only did it to salvage a sub-par season. Sometimes, you have to cut your losses and look to the future. The future is Tyler as The Bachelor. BOFFO ratings will come from that.

I'm not interested in seeing Peter whisper through a whole season as The Bachelor or talk about flying planes. I don't want to see "Big Mike" talk about getting a woman that can round out the lineup of strong women in his life. Tyler needs to be the dude, and that is that. He has one thing going against him, he's from Florida (Florida, you say?) We can let that slide for a great season of TV.

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