It's Thanksgiving, you've done everything to make it special, the turkey is all ready to cook, everything is perfect. So what could possibly go wrong?

You have been preparing for weeks, and everyone’s coming to enjoy a family Thanksgiving. You’ve heard or seen some of those horrible "Thanksgiving Dinner Fails", but that couldn't possibly happen to you, right?

So you've got everything set, someone starts to shoot some video with their phone as you get ready for Turkey Time, and then, without warning, it happens:

So remember to be careful this Thanksgiving because cooking Turkey can be a dangerous job. Hopefully, your dinner is a huge success and you don’t make next year's “Hilarious Thanksgiving Dinner Fails Video”.

In the first video, you saw some people fall for the old pregnant turkey prank. Watch how many people take the bait in this next video:

Finally, here's your chance to find out how much, or should we say how little people actually know about our National Holiday. That being said, we would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy!!!!

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