Burritos and Buds. Cervezas and Crunchwraps. Miller Lites and Meximelts. If this is your dream combo, you're in luck, as the first "Taco Bell Cantina" in CT has opened on Chapel Street in New Haven.

According to a story from NBC Connecticut, the restaurant opened Friday and is part of a planned rollout of 300 new Taco Bell Cantinas to open nationwide. We're pretty early on the concept as this location map shows. (Side note, the LivingMas.com website is very useful as you can also track which stores are currently selling the elusive Chili Cheese Burrito and other hard-to-find items.)

The menu at Taco Bell Cantina includes $4 drafts as well as bottled beer, margaritas and something called a "Twisted Freeze" made with vodka, rum, or tequila.

The New Haven location will be open late, as most Taco Bell locations are, but will cut off alcohol sales an hour before closing time.

So, those of you that like to wash your tacos down with something cold and frosty, have at it. But just don't drink too much or you might.... wait for it.... drop the Chalupa.

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