According to Fox News, as of December 1st all customers flying Swiss International Airlines can choose to enjoy some fondue during their travel. Yes, nothing mixes with turbulence like scolding cheese, that's what I always say. It will only run you $17 for the pleasure of the inevitable 2nd and 3rd degree crotch burns.

I've never flown Swiss International Air, but if it's anything like the many airlines I have flown on, I must say, we should focus our attention elsewhere. Here's an idea, how bout we get the flying part safer? Maybe we can curb the cancellations and delays? Or maybe we don't "lose track of" a wheelchair bound passenger like I read about this morning in the Daily News. 

I love cheese as much as the next guy. In fact, it is my favorite food. However, if given the option of burning myself in the most hideous way possible versus NOT burning myself, I'll pass. I "FON-DON'T."

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