The forecast looks great for this year's Brews & BBQ Fest. After you've chowed down Saturday, May 14, I found some interesting tips for you when you want to grill at home.

Fantastic food, ice cold beer, and the incredible music of Molly Hatchet, Whitewood and Nashville Drive, will keep you entertained for the 3rd Annual Brews and BBQ Fest at the Ives Concert Park in Danbury on May 14.

I always find myself wanting to barbecue at home for a few weeks after our Brews & BBQ Fest. I just can't get enough. With that thought in mind, I stumbled on some interesting tips from the site. Check it out. Everything from mayonnaise and cola in the sauce, to info on wood chips, and what to shove right into those hot coals!

Keep in mind that we do offer up food other than BBQ at our event, as well as lots of beer choices and cool vendors to check out, while you wander the Ives Concert Park, kicking back to the awesome tunes.

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