It's the most overblown time of the year with the fake fans a screaming and everyone telling you, "I've been watching ALL year! It's the most overblown time of the year. That's right, Super Bowl 55 is set and I'd like to welcome you to the Megamix-Throwdown.

I (Lou Milano) am going to prepare you for things that are GOING to happen as sure as I am sitting here, I'll tell you some things I believe will happen and I'll share with you some things I am wishing for.

Let's get my wishes out of the way, cause who cares what I want. I'm a Raiders fan so I hate the Chiefs, I'm a rabid football fan so I'm sick of the sight of Tom Brady's face so I hate Tom Brady, I'm a man without a country come Sunday, February 7, 2021.

I will root for a great game first and foremost because I love football and I'll lean towards rooting for a Bucs victory. I am saying that for two reasons, the Bucs winning is the better story-line and I cannot root for the Chiefs as a Raiders fans.

Megamix-throwdown "GOING TO HAPPEN MOMENTS:

  • With two 2:00 in the game or less there will be a massive officiating mistake.
  • Andy Reid goes for it on 4th down and converts. Few coaches roll the dice and convert on 4th the way Andy Reid does. He will do it at least twice. If he does it twice, he converts two, any more than that and it's trouble.
  • People who don't watch football all year will talk to you about football like they know what they are talking about. It will be infuriating, hopefully you hide your displeasure on your face better than me.
  • Your mom will say she is rooting for Tom Brady.
  • The halftime show suck eggs.
  • The term "passing the torch" will be said a minimum of 61 times between the game, pre-game, halftime and post-game coverage.
  • You will learn all the things baby Patty Mahomes was doing when Tom Brady played in his first Super Bowl.

Megamix-throwdown Predictions:

  • Bucs beat the Chiefs 45-42, Tom Brady runs it in on a goal line sneak from the half yard line to win the game.
  • Gronk has a big game 98+ receiving yards.

The week off between the NFC and AFC Championship games and the Super Bowl let's you see, for the first time in many weeks what it looks like to go without football.

We will see it this weekend, we get confused, it messes with our mind to know that there is no game to watch. Then it's Super Bowl time and back to nothing after that until pitchers and catchers report.

So, enjoy the game on February 7, it's the last time we (sports fans) will be happy for awhile.Unless, you watch hockey or can tolerate watching this version of the NBA.

Neither are for me, especially the NBA where no one plays defense and the players decide the fates of the league's franchises based on which one of their buddies they want to play with that week.

That's a story for another day, get off my lawn.

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