We did it Connecticut!

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A new study from Wallet Hub reveals that CT is the 10th Happiest State in the Nation. The website used a lot of metrics to come up with the list, taking the following factors into account:

  • Share of Adult Depression
  • Adequate Sleep Rate
  • Sports Participation Rate
  • Suicide Rate
  • Work Hours
  • Unemployment Numbers
  • Income Growth
  • Volunteer Rate
  • Divorce Rate
  • Safety

The folks at Wallet Hub also consulted a panel of experts and here we are, #10. Here are the top 10:

1 - Hawaii

2 - Maryland

3 - Minnesota

4 - Utah

5 - New Jersey

6 - Idaho

7 - California

8 - Illinois

9 - Nebraska

10 - Connecticut

Source: WalletHub

We told you about New Jersey, what about our New York neighbors? They were ranked #23 in the nation. The least happy state in the nation was West Virginia at #50.

Some would argue that #10 does not qualify for "we did it" status but I believe it does. I hold an opinion that may go down as unpopular but I don't trust people who are too happy and, in many cases I think those people are either dumb or HEAVILY medicated. So, #10 puts us right in that sweet spot where things are good but we're not blind to our problems.

One of the things I respect about my fellow CT residents is that we are willing to admit our faults as people, and as a state. We are willing to whine about them, and we're willing to take action on the problems. Yes, it's expensive, yes the potholes are craters and yes our politicians are usually corrupt, but no one is sneaking up on us, no one is fooling us and we're having a good time.

We spoke about this on the Wednesday Ethan, Lou and Large Dave Show on I-95, you can listen below.


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