Tougher restrictions will face CT shoppers inside major grocery store chains.

A couple of days ago I wrote an article about how the Mayor of Norwalk, Harry W. Rilling found it necessary to institute three critical emergency orders for the city. One of those rules was decreasing the number of people allowed in any business at one time to be reduced to 50% of the maximum occupancy.

According to an article from CT Post, the Connecticut Food Association has been in discussions with a dozen of the large food chains about urging Governor Lamont to issue an executive order.

As the article reports, after speaking with several of his members like Big Y, ShopRite and Stop N Shop, they've all agreed to only allow 50% of their maximum occupancy into the store at a time. They will also ask families to send only one representative per family to do grocery shopping.

Danbury Mayor, Mark Boughton agreed that grocery store limitations were a good idea but were concerned about how they're going to be enforced. Pesce told CT Post that customer cooperation is key in making these new rules successful.

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