I'm pretty sure that recess at an elementary school doesn't mean it's time to go outside and suck on an e-cigarette.

According to an article on the Stratford Patch website, school officials at Second Hill Elementary School in Stratford recently found students vaping during recess. Grades kindergarten through sixth grade attend school at Second Hill Elementary. Assistant Principal Amy Soto said:

Several students were interviewed and families of students directly involved were contacted.

Vaping devices come in different shapes and sizes from pen shapes to USB flash drives and the visible "smoke" doesn't have a strong scent. Battery operated e-cigarettes deliver nicotine that mixes with different flavorings that produces a vapor instead of cigarette smoke. In Connecticut, it's illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase e-cigarettes.

California Department of Public Health Calls E-Cigarettes A Health Threat And Calls For Regulation
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According to 2017 statistics from the FDA, more than two million middle and high school students were using e-cigarettes. If you have teenagers, here's some important information from the Journal of Pediatric Psychology as it pertains to nicotine found on whyquit.com:

86.8% of students who smoke nicotine at least once daily are chemically dependent under DSM-IV mental health standards.

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