Over the last year, swastikas have popped up in the towns of Wilton, Redding, Ridgefield, Westport, and Norwalk.

Fact: Two thirds of Jewish people living in Europe during WWII were systematically exterminated by the Germans. According to the American Jewish Yearbook, in 1933 there were 9.5 million Jews living in Europe. In 1950, after WWII there were 3.5 million Jews left. Six million Jews were sent to concentration camps by Adolf Hitler and slaughtered.

Fox61.com, recently reported that State Senator Toni Boucher will be introducing legislation requiring all Connecticut schools to teach about the Holocaust during history classes. Because of the rise in anti-semitism especially over the last year that included hateful graffiti, Boucher had this to say:

These incidents show that young people, in particular, really don't have an understanding of what the Holocaust was and what the Nazis were trying to accomplish. They need to know what our Allied forces found when they liberated those concentration camps.

Would you agree that lack of knowledge makes it easier for children to fall victim to racist beliefs? Knowledge is power and Boucher feels that learning about the Holocaust and what the swastika represented would make students think twice about using it as a symbol of hate. The following is from Sept. 2016 about swastikas found in Milford.

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