The Stamford teacher, who volunteered to foster the baby of a student's mother, recently reunited the baby with his mom.

The teacher, Luciana Lira, received a frantic call from the baby's mom, Zully, on April 1, saying she was going into labor and had the Coronavirus along with her son, Junior, and her husband, Marvin. She wasn't able to bring her baby home and then asked Lira if she would take care of baby Neysel until she recovered. She desperately told her she had no one else to turn to.

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This past Saturday, May 16, Lira texted a reporter from Hearst Connecticut Media saying that, "Baby Neysel is home!" Zully, the baby's mom, spent three weeks in a coma battling the virus. At one point during Zully's treatment, her husband Marvin was told by doctors to prepare for the worst. Thank God it never came to pass.

According to an article on website, once the story about Lira agreeing to foster the baby became local and international news, the offers to help the family came pouring in. The Stamford community rallied around the family by purchasing everything from the baby registry at Target.

Teacher Luciana Lira Hugs Baby Neysel's brother, Junior. - Getty Images

Many heroes reached out to assist Baby Neysel's family, including neighbors who supplied meals 24/7 along with the Stamford non-profit, Building One Community, and the PTO at Luciana Lira's school, where she teaches.


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