These are claims, CLAIMS I tell you of an ex-employee of the company. According to the NY Post a former employee of Southwest at the Houston Hobby Airport claims that during his four years with the company there was a "white's only" break room.

The employees name is Jamel Parker and he filed a racial discrimination suit on Wednesday in the United States District Court in Houston. He says his supervisors knew of the break room and allowed it to happen. He also states that they hung a noose at Gate 45.

Could the guy be a disgruntled employee making the whole thing up? Sure. If it is true however, you have an all time case of being an ass backwards organization. IF, if it's true you have a problem.

People can always say, "Well, Southwest could not have known this was going on at the highest levels of the company." That could be true but it is their responsibility to know who their employees are and what they are up to.

Ya gotta be kidding, if this is true, it's just another indicator that we have not made the social progress we thought we made so many years ago.

P.S. Who actually has a break room? I thought those were only in the movies. How long are these breaks that we are dedicating an entire room to them? 


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