Damn you Ozempic, just when I need my old fat the most, you've taken it away. I just found out that a World Championship Sumo event is coming to Connecticut in July, I could'a been a contenda?

As a former 500 pound man, I've always been fascinated with Sumo wrestling. 400-500 pound men can be surprisingly nimble, even graceful. Seriously, it was rare to see someone of my size compete in any sport, besides Yokozuna. He was a legendary professional wrestler who portrayed a Sumo 'Yokozuna - Grand Champion' in the WWF. I've watched professional events from Japan in the past when they've been broadcast, but Sumo Championship events have never taken place in Connecticut, until this Summer.

Mohegan Sun in Uncasville has announced that International Sumo League will present World Championship Sumo 4 live at Mohegan Sun Arena on Saturday, July 6, 2024. What can you expect? Some big fellas attempting to force their opponent out of a circular ring, or making their opponent touch the ground with any part of their body, besides the soles of their feet. It's truly a feast for the eyes, especially if you like large men in revealing outfits. Here's a preview of what you'll see from a promotional video that ISL has sent out for WCS3, which is taking place in Atlantic City on June 15.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow at Ticketmaster.com, and they're going for $40 up top, and up to $360 for VIP tickets. This should be quite a spectacle, ringside seats should provide incredible views all evening.

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