One thing Connecticut is genuinely good at - school systems.

I feel we get a lot of praise for many of our school systems around the state. Of course, some may not be the best, but overall, we are regularly highlighted to have some of the best education systems in the entire country.

A new study just recently came out about "The Most 'Envied' School Districts in the U.S". The study was done by Test Prep Insight and their use of the word envied intrigued me. Are we using that term as more of a jealousy stance? The study says they surveyed 3,000 parents to discover which school districts they would want their children to be schooled in.

Now honestly, it doesn't surprise me that we made the list a few times. I know our state takes pride in the education systems and what they can bring to students. Not long ago, we wrote an article about Connecticut Public Schools ranking as the second best in the entire country. That right there says a lot.

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The first Connecticut school district to make the list was Ridgefield Public Schools which came in at number 9. The reasoning was that "Ridgefield offers a strong educational program with a focus on both academic and extracurricular excellence. The district's commitment to innovation and community support makes it a top choice for families."

Following not far after that was Greenwich Public Schools at number 11. Westport Public Schools came in at number 57, New Canaan Public Schools at 102 and then Darien Public Schools at 115.

It's nice to be recognized nationally for something as important as this. I can agree with this study. I also think many other parts of Connecticut can attribute to some of the best in the country as well. It makes me happy that we can stand our ground and be confident that our state really does have some of the best schools.

Happy learning.

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