Comedy legend Lenny Clarke is coming to Connecticut for four shows, in three days. He'll be appearing at Comix Roadhouse at Mohegan Sun on May 9, 10 and 11. You can get your tickets on the Comix Roadhouse website.

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Lenny was our guest on the Wednesday (5/8/24) edition of the I-95 Morning Show and we covered a lot of ground. We talked about the old days in Boston, his friendship with Rodney Dangerfield and the Mount Rushmore of Boston comedians.

Lou: You're synonymous with Boston, if there was a Mount Rushmore of Boston, who would be on it? 

Lenny: "Oh God, well Bill Burr, Louis CK, as much as I hate to say it Dane Cook and Joe Rogan. I mean these are all incredibly successful stars that came out of Boston. It's funny, I was listening to Bill Burr the other day and he said we left Boston because we could not crack the ceiling. The guys that were there were (Steve) Sweeney, (Don) Gavin, myself, Kenny Rogerson, some unbelievable comics that you may never have heard of but these guys, we used to work a show in Boston and they would bring in these nationwide acts and we'd blow them off the stage." 

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Lou: I wonder about people like you, your profession is making people laugh and I think guys like you don't get a lot of laughs from other people. I do think everyone has that one person in their family who makes them laugh, who is that for you? 

Lenny: "Oh My God! I come from a family of eight and I'm about the fourth funniest in the family. The funniest is my little brother, we call him the giant baby, he just talks. The one thing I credit my longevity to is, I'm insane. I'm out of my mind and a lot of times I say stuff and people say that is so funny and I go, I'm not kidding, I really mean that!" 

Lou: What about the big Netflix roast of Tom Brady? Did they invite you out? Did you write jokes? What did you think of it? 

Lenny: "No, you know what I was shocked that they didn't ask me because I'm friends with Brady, I'm friends with Belichick and I'm friends with (Robert) Kraft. I always compartmentalize my friendships, that way I can be friends with everyone and I don't have to.. I have two buddies, one of them owned well John Henry owns the Red Sox but he also owns the Liverpool soccer team. Another buddy of mine Jimmy Pallotta owns the Roma soccer team and they came to play at Fenway Park and they both invited me to sit with them and I said, I'm gonna be out of town. Never blow a relationship with a billionaire." 

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Get your tickets to see Lenny Clarke at Comix Roadhouse at Mohegan Sun now. 

You can listen our entire two-part discussion with Lenny Clarke below.

Part 1 - Lenny shared some memories of working with Rodney Dangerfield and his love for nudity. Lenny gives us his Mount Rushmore of Boston comedians. Clarke talks about the stars that came through the legendary Ding Ho in Boston. 

Part 2 - Lenny talks about shooting "There's Something About Mary" and how he was too fat to fit in the wardrobe. Clarke shared his secret to weight loss. We found out what Lenny thought of the recent Tom Brady roast on Netflix. 

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I don't know if there are too many comedians with a style as down-to-earth as Lenny. This was probably Lenny's fourth appearance on our show over the last 15 years. They were all phone interviews and I doubt he'd remember us but that dude is fun and super easy to talk to. There is not a whiff of self-importance or anything like that, he is welcome in the I-95 studio whenever he wants. I could do a four-hour show with him on the Yankees v. Red Sox rivalry alone.

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