Mudvayne is headed straight for Connecticut and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. Chad Gray and the band are coming to Foxwoods Premier Theater on Saturday, May 18th along with P.O.D., Hyro the Hero and A Killer's Confession.

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In preparation for this monster gig, Chad called in to the Thursday (5/9/24) edition of the I-95 Morning Show with Ethan, Lou & Large Dave. We spent about 20 minutes with Chad and covered a lot of ground. You can listen to the complete 2-part interview at the bottom of the page but here are 3 of our favorite Q&A's.

Lou: You adore your fans and that is a theme throughout heavy metal. For whatever reason, metal bands seem to appreciate their fans more than a lot of the other genres. Do you agree with that statement and why do you think that is?

Chad: "I don't know I just think there is a level of closeness that we have to it. Metal literally saves my life. I think there is something we're always looking for when we're young and kind of awkward, we're looking for something bigger than ourselves, to belong. The metal community gave me a place to belong." 

Lou: Is there an artist or band that you listen to, that is in your personal playlist that would surprise your fans? 

Chad: "Dude, like Duran Duran, f---- you know? Michael Jackson dude, I mean go back and listen to some of those bands. I've got a Duran Duran greatest hits and it's just like Jesus! The whole thing is, every song I'm like damn. Rio, you know what I mean? It just goes on and on, there's probably sixteen tracks on the album and every one is like a massive, massive hit. The songs are so good and they are so unorthodox, you know? That era of music, the weirder it could be, the better. There are all these different f----- flavors, it's like walking into a f------ ice cream shop!"

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Lou: Who do you credit with the creation of heavy metal, who is the Godfather?

Chad: "You've got to go back to Lemmy, you've got to go back to Ozzy, Sabbath. It's so funny because Vinnie (Paul) told me a story one time, I guess it would have been in the 70s. They were young, they were in high school or something, they went to a party at someone's house and he goes, I walk in there and people are hanging out, smoking weed da-da-da-da and man, somebody put on Black Sabbath and me and my brother looked at each other like, that s-- was scary, he's like we left. He said that was like devil music and that was his first thing with Sabbath and I just thought it was so funny. When he told me the story, he had like this fear in his eyes." 

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That is a funny story considering the Vinnie that Chad was talking about was Vinnie Paul, who would go on to found the legendary metal band Pantera. Before Paul's passing he was in a super-group with Chad Gray called Hellyeah.

Get your tickets to see Mudvayne at Foxwoods on Saturday, May 18th. 

Listen to the entire discussion with Chad Gray below.

Part 1 - We ;learned the origin story of the band, heard some Mudvaye tour stories, Chad's feelings about playing to a new demographic and learned a lot about Chad's admiration for the fans.

Part 2 - We asked Chad if there is some music in his personal playlist that would surprise his fans and the answer we got was shocking. We learned what bands scare him and asked Chad who is the godfather of metal. 

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