When most people in Connecticut hear about a Coyote attack, I'm sure they assume it's in Texas, New Mexico, or some other warm Southern location.

Believe it or not, Coyote attacks happen in New Milford, East Haddam, and just last week, multiple Coyote attacks happened in Southbury. Southbury Animal Control sent out a warning to residents after numerous Coyote attacks were reported on dogs on the evening of Sunday, January 31, 2021 in the Dublin Road and Bucks Hill Road area of town.

According to the report, numerous dogs survived the attacks, they've all been seen by veterinarians, are stable and luckily, recovering.

According to Southbury Animal Control, it's Coyote mating season from January to April/May and during this time Coyotes are very territorial and aggressive. They remind everyone to please closely supervise your pets, be cautious when leaving them alone outside, especially during the evening.

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Unfortunately, if your pet does have an encounter with wildlife, Southbury Animal Control has a strict Rabies protocol to follow. The dogs that were attacked on January 31 have been on a strict 45 day confinement. Luckily, all of the dogs that were attacked were up to date with their rabies vaccination. If they were not, they may have been subject to a 6 month quarantine, or, they would have also been subject to mandated euthanasia due to the threat that rabies poses to the public.

The Dublin Hill Road and Bucks Hill Road residents' dogs were very lucky to escape from the Coyotes. In the Facebook comments of the original post, a local resident that lives near Settlers Park chimed in to town officials that there is a pack living behind her home. If you or your pet have been attacked, contact Southbury Animal Control and your Healthcare Provider and Vet. Southbury Animal Control can be reached by calling 203-262-0613.

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