You know you're having a bad day when you're trying to beat back a coyote. Here's what happened, according to the Hartford Courant. On October 22, an East Haddam, CT woman called DEEP's Wildlife Division, informing them an aggressive coyote had attacked her.

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Luckily for her, she had her donkey with her at the time. After fighting off the coyote with a pitchfork, the donkey kicked the coyote. Before the donkey became involved, the coyote had bit her boot.


Because the victim might have come in contact with the coyote's saliva when it bit her boot, she's been treated for possible exposure to rabies. If that's not enough to spoil your day, she notified East Haddam Animal Control after the coyote attacked her AGAIN as she was driving through her neighborhood. According to Hearst Connecticut Media, she tried her best to hit the animal with her car, but the coyote got away.

The victim warned her neighbors about the possible rabid coyote and then summoned animal control who drove over to her house, located the coyote, and shot and killed it. The East Haddam woman was neither bitten nor scratched but underwent preemptive rabies treatment as a precaution.

What if you're out walking your dog and a coyote stops to take a look. According to the website,,

    1. Stand tall - Most likely they're curious and will leave you alone.
    2. Look at them - Don't stare them down. This lets them know you see them.
    3. Leash or pick up your dog - Don't let your larger dog chase or interact.
    4. Vocalize or shout - This will freak out the coyote and most likely they will high-tail it out of there.
    5. If you feel threatened - Call 911 immediately, throw rocks or stones, and make sure you report the encounter.

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