Things are changing at the Brookfield Police Department, and residents will get a whole new look at the force real soon.

The department just announced they will be getting a new look, and new uniforms for all their officers.

According to a social media post from the Brookfield PD, the new uniforms will now feature a new external ballistic vest carrier for officers to wear. The external vests will allow officers to wear much of their equipment on the vest itself instead of on their waist belt, which will alleviate the weight of their gear on the hips and waist and reduce the stress it can put on the back.

The vest will also allow for more mobility as officers can get them off quicker and easier while working inside, or responding to an emergency. The front of the vest will have the officers name and badge, and the back of the vest will include the words 'Brookfield Police' for easier identification.

Brookfield Police Facebook Image
Brookfield Police Facebook Image

A Brookfield Police spokesperson had this to say about the new look:

The new look may cause some second glances, at first, but please remember that it is actually more comfortable to wear, reduces back injuries, and it makes it easier for officers to access their equipment.

Here's what the department had to say on their official Facebook page:

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