I can taste it now, that legendary smooth, creamy, luscious chocolate milkshake from the Shake Shack when they open at the Danbury Fair Mall eventually. The ctinsider website reports that Danbury's first Shake Shack, originally scheduled for construction this past spring, has been waylaid due to the coronavirus.

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The good news is that Shake Shack is seriously considering adding a drive-thru, which wasn't part of the project's original plan. Corporate officials have decided, because of COVID-19, it would prefer to add a drive-thru.

Shake Shack Burger Chain Considers I.P.O.
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The popular free-standing burger joint will be located in Danbury Fair's overflow parking lot next to Backus Avenue. The proposed drive-thru will be a pick-up drive-thru only, where no food orders will be taken. Food orders will be taken by phone or text only.

Shake Shack was born as a little cart in a New York City park and is now worth millions. According to an article at mashed.com, the magic behind the Shake Shack burger is the potato bun. The bun is brushed with a little butter and then toasted. The beef patty is a blend of sirloin and chuck which is placed on the grill and then smashed down into the griddle, creating the perfect sear. I promise to keep you updated on the target date for Danbury's first Shake Shack at Danbury Fair Mall.

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